Colourful fun paintings

My name is Louise and I sell colourful, fun, art paintings, prints, and homeware.

I used to work as a Podiatrist in the NHS, but that all changed when I decided I wanted to start an art business.  I am an all or nothing person and decided to quit Podiatry and jump straight into art life.   Thankfully it has been going ok and I haven’t had to return so far.

You spend so much time working throughout your life, I do believe that you need to spend your time doing something you enjoy (or at least be able to tolerate it). Having spent years wishing I could make a living from art and like most creative people being told it isn’t possible, I though well I’ll never know if I don’t give it a go. Thankfully it turns out you can make a living from it, I’m probably never going to be rich but I love doing this and I am happy.

Louise Jones sat in front of painting
First Craft Fair

Where It Began


I started the business in January 2018, with an Etsy shop and a facebook page. My first outing as an artist was at the local Botanical gardens and I remember thinking, “Ooh, I hope I have done the right thing!”.   Looking back now it was so nerve wracking and only had a few painted locations for my display.  Now I have a wide range of prints available, mainly of south and west wales but I am slowly painting my way around.


Projects, workshops and commissions

Over the years I have done lots of events, worked on some really interesting projects, carried out workshops with schools and sold my prints to customers as far away as Canada.

One of my most recent projects was painting a giant fibreglass Snoopy sculpture for the Dogs Trust, as part of the Wild in Art “A dogs Trail”.   There were almost 40 giant Snoopy sculptures painted by artists from around the UK in all different styles, as well as a whole host of mini Snoopy’s designed by local schools.  The trail was to raise money for the Dogs Trust in Cardiff.  You can take a look at the snoopy here.

Artist standing alongside painted sculpture of snoopy.
Close up of a mug and coaster of carmarthen
Louise Jones Art prints

If you have any questions then take a look at my FAQ’s page or get in touch here